Spoil yourself or someone you care about with an amazing de-stressing massage. This form of massage breaks down accumulated toxins in the muscles. By activating the lymphatic system we dissolve and remove these toxins, as nutrients and oxygen accesses the tissue fluids in the body.

Headaches, sore muscles and back pain can be alleviated efficiently. Tense muscles loosen and the blood circulation increases.

All our massages are designed to your specific needs.

Stress relief body massage649,00 Dkr.

Duration- 60 min.
An in depth massage with oil on each muscle group.
Perfect for you who needs a little break from everydays hustle and bustle.
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Massage – Neck, back and lower back399,00 Dkr.

Duration- 30 min.
The tense muscles are massaged with oil. An in depth and de- stressing massage.
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Deepcleansing back treatment599,00 Dkr.

Duration- 45 min.
Rinse, warm oil compress, exfoliation, deep cleansing of the skin, moisture or soothing masque followed by products, specifically for your skins needs.
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